Lawn Mowing Services

Artworks Lawn Care in Cary NC has been providing lawn mowing services for the Cary, Apex, Morrisville, and Holly Springs area since 2003.  We are focused on providing dependable, high-quality lawn care and the highest in customer satisfaction... we will do all we can to meet or exceed your expectations.  Artworks Lawn Care can customize a plan that is right for your yard and we offer our mowing services on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule during the growing season.  We can average out your estimated yearly mowing visits and set up a contract of specific payments each month or you can pay as you are serviced each month without a contract.  For a free lawn mowing quote give us a call at 919-367-7779

Lawn Aerating

Lawn aerating is the process of removing small soil plugs from your lawn to encourage more oxygen to reach the roots.  This promotes great root growth, helps dead grass decompose faster, and makes your lawn more drought resistant.  Aeration also helps break up our heavy clay soils creating an easier growing medium for lawn roots.  When lawn aerating and Fescue over-seeding are performed at the same time the seed also drops down into these little holes into a cooler, moister area that germinates much faster and healthier.  Artworks Lawn Care typically starts scheduling this lawn service for September through October and only to Fescue lawns.

Leaf Blowing

As the summer blends into autumn your work around the yard gets a little tougher and a lot less fun. Let us take care of the leaf removal, so you can get back to spending time with your family.  Leaf blowing can be included in a monthly contract along with our mowing services or it can be scheduled as needed separately.

Shrub Trimming

This is another service that can be added to a one year contract or scheduled as needed.  Our team takes great care in knowing how each specific shrub can and should be trimmed or pruned and when the best time of year to do it would be. 

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